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Updates From Our MD - Sam Gompels

Updates From Our MD - Sam Gompels

Updates from the heart of Gompels to keep you in the loop

Updated* Situation and outlook for Healthcare supplies 


Now that the government is supplying some of the PPE needs of Care homes and other social care providers, a little of the heat has gone out of the market. That means that orders placed before 2-3pm are nearly always dispatched for next day delivery. There are still many bumps in the supply chains, often in areas that you would least expect . Where we cannot bridge the gaps in supply with our much enlarged stock holding then we endeavour to get supplies from an alternative manufacturer. This invariably results in a stock code change which, although a nuisance does at least mean that we have some stock for you.

Market Outlook

  • Nitrile gloves stocks are limited and shortages are forecast, prices are embarrassingly high
  • Latex and Vinyl gloves, factory prices still rising but stock is arriving regularly
  • Aprons, no problems envisaged
  • Mask prices falling dramatically, we are working seriously hard to have the right quality, price and volumes available for you
  • Alcohol gel and infection control/cleaning chemicals , no shortages envisaged now that production has geared up


Situation and outlook for Healthcare supplies 


It was only last week that I said “The great guessing game has begun in earnest.  Will there be a second wave ? will there be shortages again ?  Do I need to stock up ?”

News of the second wave has once again dramatically increased the demand for PPE.  This time around, we are pleased to report that we have stock, we have supplies arriving regularly and we expect to be able to keep all our regular customers supplied.  In order to make sure that we do not fall behind in the warehouse, we took the decision to temporarily pause the ability for new customers to set up a new account.  We have also applied quantity limits on some product to stop resellers and traders from swiping all the stock.

Market Outlook

  • Nitrile gloves stocks are limited and shortages are forecast, prices are embarrassingly high
  • Latex and Vinyl gloves, factory prices still rising but stock is arriving regularly
  • Aprons, no problems envisaged
  • Mask prices falling dramatically, we are working seriously hard to have the right quality, price and volumes available for you
  • Alcohol gel and infection control/cleaning chemicals , no shortages envisaged now that production has geared up



Planning For Winter


The great guessing game has begun in earnest.  “Will there be a second wave ?” will there be shortages again ?  Do I need to stock up ?

There are few guarantees in life (except death and taxes) but we are confident that we are as well setup as we can be for most of what COVID and Brexit can throw at us.  Over the last few months, we have doubled the value of our stock holding and added a little more for good luck.

Our aim remains the same, to look after our regular customers and do whatever we can to keep you supplied at the best possible prices. 

Stock reserve is a brand new service that we have developed and tested during act I of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is now ready to be rolled out more widely to our customers who would like to have stock held “With your name on it”.  Guaranteed to be yours, financed, stored and rotated.  Ready for you when everyone else is running out. Please send an email to if you are interested.  The cost is 3% per month of the stock value held in reserve with a minimum of £10,000 stock held in the reserve.

Also coming soon is an entirely unique and massively researched environmental dashboard for our caring customers.  It will answer key questions….

  • How much plastic do you purchase ?
  • What is your Ecoindex score ?
  • What can you do to reduce your impact on the environment ?

Keep an eye out for a special invitation to join us on an Environmental journey that will help to save the planet.  We are committed to helping you to making small, simple changes that will have a big impact.

Market outlook

  • Nitrile gloves – Stocks are limited and shortages are forecast
  • Latex and Vinyl gloves – Factory prices still rising but stock is still arriving regularly
  • Aprons – no problems envisaged
  • Masks – Prices falling dramatically, we are working seriously hard to have the right quality, price and volumes available for you.
  • Alcohol gel and infection control/cleaning chemicals – No shortages envisaged now that production has geared up.


Situation and outlook for PPE supplies


Prices continue to rise as supply is not sufficient for worldwide demand and factories can take over a year to build. There is no end in sight for the relentless price rises. Every container that is due to arrive is costing more than the previous one. Most UK distributors have no or little stocks available for "free" sale.

Stocks are beginning to be seen in the market. There are few barriers to production, but aprons should not be a problem long term. It will be almost impossible for recently established UK manufacturers to compete with Chinese suppliers when prices start dropping back to former levels.

Supply does not appear to be a problem. Everyone has geared up, the Chinese government is (at the moment) more relaxed about exports. We are bringing in a mix of containers and airfreight so that we can balance supply with demand. Lead times in China are down to 1-2 weeks in some cases. The requirement to wear face coverings in public along with care homes opening to the public have possibly stoked demand.

Supply and demand are more stable with plenty of manufacturers servicing the market. We envisage no supply issues and prices should continue falling. Visors are now widely available, and we assume not being widely used in Social care settings or supplied for free.

Alcohol Gel
Prices are dropping nicely, and alcohol gel is widely available in most formats. Sales volumes are very high.

What happens later in the year?

Gloves - UK stocks are going to remain very low because it is too expensive to "stock up" when prices are 4-5 times the normal levels. That means that any shortage in supply or increases in demand are likely to result in unmet demand or the need to rely on Government supply.

Masks - Whilst they are now much cheaper to buy, they are still many multiples of the "usual" cost and therefore like gloves it is too dangerous to stock up. Given the number of new entrants into the market and low cost of entry it is not anticipated that prices will rise to their former levels should there be a second spike.

VAT relief on PPE - This is due to stop at the end of October. That may well create a rush to purchase unless there is an extension on the current VAT relief.


Keeping you fully supplied


Keeping you fully supplied is our first priority over the coming months. Our second priority is getting prices back down to pre crisis levels. On both fronts, we are making good progress but there is further to go and many challenges to overcome. Suppliers are still not able to give us all that we order and prices are still high especially where demand far exceeds supply (gloves).

Most products no longer need the PPE+ pass. We are keeping going with the system for now because if there is another surge in demand for a particular product it gives us an effective way of keeping our existing loyal customers supplied. We have many instances of people trying to buy vast quantities of our stocks for selling on. The pass system limits this and keeps the stock available for you.

Service levels are pretty much back to normal with next day delivery for orders placed before 3pm or later and emails being answered in a couple of hours during the working day. Our carrier partners are also in much better shape and generally delivering on a next working day basis.

Thank you for continuing to use Gompels. We sincerely hope that we have helped you through the crisis thus far and can continue to do so. If you have a few minutes, the team loves to have any feedback and comments. It is all read and shared around. Any posts on social media particularly with a link to also help massively to spread the word and keep our costs low.


What goes up will come down!


PPE clarity has been the focus for many of us over the last few months. With demand outstripping supply, we have been faced with higher prices across the board. We always have and always will focus on being able to supply you, our loyal customer, at the best price we can obtain.
We are now seeing some items, such as masks and sanitser, decreasing in price as manufacturing supply catches up with our demand. Our commitment to you is that we pass on these decreases as soon as we are able. We have reduced face masks by 30% in the last month.
There are however some lines, like gloves for example, where pricing is likely to be volatile for some time to come as the worldwide demand continues to surge. Again our commitment to you is that we will supply at the best price possible whilst accepting that we need to keep you supplied.
We will maintain our price transparency.  We have only one price list which everyone is on.   By keeping prices as low as possible, we hopefully get to keep you for the long term and can win new customers.  This has been our model for the last 20 years and we have no intention of changing a winning formula.  No smoke, no mirrors, no fat discounts, just a fair price.  
My order hasn't arrived when I expected it?
Deliveries to you over the last month have been more bumpy than we would have liked.  Carriers have experienced seismic shifts in volumes and type of freight which has impacted on their service levels.  The team are doing their best to minimise the impact of this on a daily basis.  Our warehouse is up-to-date so your order will be dispatched on a same day basis if we receive it before about 3pm.
Thank you for your continued support, we really appreciate it.



Stock forecast for June 2020


Keeping you well supplied with the stock that you require is our primary goal.  Despite enormous efforts and millions of pounds in up-front payments to suppliers to secure stock, we have not quite managed on all fronts.  The demand has been off the scale and what would have been years of stock in normal times can sell in days.  On the whole, most products or a good alternative have been available most of the time.

Whilst Vinyl and latex availability will be fine for those on our PPE+ passes, Nitrile will continue to be unavailable or priced at levels where social care do not want to order (£10-12 per 100)  Prices will continue to rise for all gloves as world demand still massively outstrips supply.

Initial shortages will be fully covered by the middle of June.  Demand is expected to be high.  Prices will probably reach their peak by mid June.

Vast quantities are now arriving by container on a regular basis.  Price declines and increased availability will continue through June.

Wholesale prices of bulk alcohol are decreasing but there is a lack of pumps and bottles.  Suppliers of cartridge systems (Deb and Gojo/Purell) are still unable to service demand.  Stock should be more widely available as the month progresses.

Disinfectants and soaps
As for June, stock should generally be available but with some restrictions to prevent stockpiling whilst supplies are intermittent.

Infection control wipes
The material used in these products has cross over with face masks.  There is also a problem with the supply of tubs.   For June, it will probably be necessary to use a trigger spray and a cleaning cloth to disinfect surfaces.

In general
Supply chains are unreliable and subject to cancellations/delays at any point up to delivery.  Even the most reliable suppliers are having problems.  It is impossible to know what true demand is so even if we could order unlimited quantities there is no guarantee that it will sell.   When you have to pay up front and place more orders before you have sold the first order, the risks are high and continuity of supply uncertain.

Customer demand
The steady care home orders are being met by the “back to work” enquiries for masks and alcohol.  Gloves and PPE in general is also in high demand from chiropodists, physios, dentists and other healthcare sectors.

Delivery and response times
We are receiving a vast number of queries by phone and by email.  Email queries are getting priority over phone calls and we aim to answer emails in within 4-6 hours.  Deliveries are more often than not on a next working day basis but please allow 2-3 days.  Orders placed on the web have the greatest chance of being delivered quickly.


Why price rises can be a good thing


There is a stark choice that we are regularly facing with our manufacturers.  Either we pay a higher price or we get no stock.  To be fair to our suppliers, their costs are going up massively too

  • the price of alcohol hand gel has risen from £800 per tonne to £4000+ per tonne …. if you can actually get hold of it
  • pumps for hand soaps are being flown in by air from China.  It costs about £6000 to air freight 1 pallet of stock!
  • The production capacity is limited and the demand is unlimited.  A glove factory takes a year to build and is ¼ km long!

Relationships are key to getting hold of stock more than ever before.  Fortunately, we have worked hard to build those relationships over many years.  We have drunk the rice wine and eaten the chicken feet.  Visiting suppliers on a regular basis is one of the most important things that we do and it is paying handsome dividends now.

We are doing our best to look after our loyal existing customers because we will not have a business to keep us fed and watered when COVID-19 is over if we do not.

When we put our prices up, it hurts our customers and we feel your pain.  We have also had to pay more!  However, a price rise does mean that we have managed to secure some stock.  And that is the horrible stark choice in this crisis.  Do you want stock or not?



Where do we go from here?


The invitation to order system gave us a chance to breathe and refine the ways in which we cope with unlimited demand for very limited stocks.  We are not enjoying playing God as we decide who gets stock and who does not, but decisions have to be made.   As of week commencing 19th April week we have moved to a PPE+ pass system that gives us the ability to allow our existing recent care customers the chance to order a limited amount of PPE stock lines + other short supply products.  By controlling the frequency and value of the passes, we can match the demand to the stock that is available.

What’s more, this PPE+ pass means that any, new or existing customers can purchase without restrictions products like bins, paints and nappies.

When we are confident about the long-term availability of a product, we can remove the PPE+ flag with its associated restrictions to allow new and existing (Care and non-Care) customers to purchase the product.

The stock situation is changing all the time. At the moment, we have a good supply of face masks and are experimenting with letting all customers purchase them.   That lets us gauge the demand and inform our future ordering.  Enough stocks will be held back for Care customers so we can support them in their invaluable role as they look after our grandparents, sick relatives and frail friends.

We feel terrible about some of the prices that we are having to charge our loyal customers.  In normal times it would be outrageous and wrong.  There is a stark choice that we have had to make to secure stock.  Either we pay the new price or we have no stock to sell on to you.  Ultimately, we see ourselves as your buying department.  Where possible we make sure that we have sufficient stock and leave it to you to decide if you want to pay the price.  Our prices will go up and down with the prices that we have to pay to secure your stock.

Every day we are sending out similar volumes of stock to what we would supply in a normal non Covid-19 week.  That has been broadly sufficient to keep our recent regular care customers going with minimal “Out of stocks” .  There have been specific challenges around face masks, alcohol gel, infection control wipes and Chlorine that we have not always been able to bridge.  Part of the reason for this is that our UK suppliers for gel and wipes were told to cancel our production slots (which had been pre booked well in advance) and produce for the NHS.  Despite being one of the 7 Public Health England appointed emergency suppliers to the Social care sector, we could not get hold of those products. 

When the demand for Chlorine based products goes up 4 fold and the lead time from suppliers extends overnight from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, even our normally large stock holding cannot bridge the gap.  We would have needed nearly a year's worth of stock in store to keep you supplied.  Sadly, we only had 15 weeks of stock which sold in under 4 weeks.

Going forward, there are definite challenges on most PPE related lines.  We have reasonably good visibility until July 2020.  The buying team is doing an amazing job of trying to push that out to August and beyond.  Because we are in this for the long term and appreciate the priceless work that our customers are doing, we are doing everything that we can to make sure we keep care and key workers supplied week in week out.  It will certainly not be everything at all times that you need, but it will be the vast majority.

The big unknown in all of this is working out what happens next and how long will it last.  We have no idea.  We will proceed with what feels like a healthy mix of caution and bold moves.  Only time will tell us if we have the right mix.

Last week there were many accusations bouncing around on Twitter, the press and Nicola Sturgeon that we had been told to only supply England with PPE.   This related to of 3 specific products from the England pandemic flu stocks that Public Health England had asked us to supply to Care homes in England only; because Scotland and Wales had been allocated their own part of the UK’s stockpile.  Day in, day out, we continue to supply customers in Scotland, Wales and England with Gompels PPE products.  No restrictions, no government advice to the contrary, just perfectly fair to all our existing recent customers.



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