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Gompels HealthCare Ltd has consistently been (and will be) one of the lowest price suppliers in the market. If you would like us to prove it to you we will happily do a price comparison and show you on a like for like basis how much you will save by joining our 1000's of customers who shop with us every week.
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Incontinence Products

With around 40% of people in nursing homes experiencing urinary incontinence and 30% having faecal incontinence, at Gompels HealthCare Ltd we strive to bring you Incontinence Supplies of the highest quality, but at the lowest prices. Our range features products for all types of incontinent situations.

We are an official distributor of Incontinence products for ID and Tena. Although there can be a large difference in price between different brands, most incontinence Supplies are made on the same machines (which can be bought from Italy for about £1.5m!). So, for example, Gompels Adult Nappies are comparable in performance to similar sized nappies by ID.

The NHS estimates that between 3 and 6 million people in the UK suffer from some form of incontinence. This large figure shows that it is a very common complaint, especially amongst the elderly, with 30-60% of those in care homes living with it. 

Understandably, many adults who experience incontinence often feel embarrassed about their condition. This can be managed in several steps:

  • Letting them know just how common it is: Many sufferers will feel less alone if they know they are one of many who are dealing with incontinence. 
  • Being prepared: Having good products on hand to help deal with any accidents that may occur is crucial for a swift and dignified clean up.
  • Being supportive: Above all it is important to remember that the individual dealing with incontinence is more than likely distressed, so providing a caring and friendly attitude is crucial.