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Unlock a 25% reduction in operational costs with our comprehensive suite of online tools. From real-time expenditure tracking to streamlined budget management and efficient procurement controls, each feature is designed to optimise your processes and maximise savings. Embrace this all-in-one solution for enhanced efficiency and significant cost reductions.


Business Dashboard

Gain a swift and comprehensive overview of your annual expenditure directly from your Dashboard. This figure is meticulously updated in real-time with each new order that is placed. Are you aware that by engaging in actionable spend analysis, you have the opportunity to achieve a savings of 5%? This not only aids in better financial management but also helps in making informed decisions for future expenditures.Watch Our Business Dashboard Video

a snippet of our business dashboard


Effortlessly pinpoint the categories where your expenditure exceeds the anticipated budget using our intuitive interface. With just a few clicks, you can download a detailed breakdown of these categories directly into Excel. This streamlined process enables you to quickly analyse and address areas of overspending, thereby facilitating more efficient budget management and financial planning. Watch Our Analytics Video

a snippet of our analytics dashboard

COSHH Library

Easily access and download your essential safety datasheets with a single click from your dedicated COSHH Library. We understand the importance of having current and accurate information at your fingertips, which is why we commit to maintaining and regularly updating your library for you. This service ensures that you always have the most up-to-date safety information, allowing you to manage health and safety risks effectively.Watch Our COSHH Library Video

an example of your coshh library with products in view


Establish budget management alerts that proactively notify you via email whenever your expenditure is nearing or has surpassed its allocated limit. This advanced alert system is designed to provide you with timely information, enabling you to take corrective actions before overspending occurs. Were you aware that by utilising these alerts, you can potentially achieve a savings of up to 7%?Watch Our Alerts Video

a snippet of our alerts system

Summary Statement

With our Summary Statement feature, you have the convenience of accessing all your financial statements in one centralised location, at any time that suits you. This comprehensive tool allows you to not only view all your past and present invoices with ease but also provides the flexibility to make payments at your convenience. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and efficient management of your financial transactions.Watch Our Summary Statement Video

a preview of the summary statement page

Environmental Dashboard

Experience the convenience of monitoring your environmental impact through your dashboard, which provides a comprehensive view of your annual emissions. This feature offers a detailed breakdown, not only of your overall emissions but also of the recycled content used in your operations. Additionally, it allows you to delve into emissions data categorised by material type. Watch Our Environmental Dashboard Video

a snippet of our environmental dashboard with graphs and charts

Order Approval

Our sophisticated order approval system provides an added layer of control and oversight, enabling designated users within your organisation to have the final say on orders. With this system, they possess the authority to approve, modify, or even cancel orders prior to their dispatch from our warehouse. It not only enhances the accuracy of the order fulfilment process but also allows for adjustments or removals if circumstances change.E-mail keyaccounts@gompels.co.uk

a snippet of orders waiting to be approved

Core Lists

Centralise your purchasing process and streamline your procurement strategy by eliminating products from your catalogue that you don't want your sites to purchase. This focused approach not only reduces unnecessary spend on non-essential products but also significantly boosts your overall profits.  Are you aware that by adopting a core list, you can potentially save up to 10%? E-mail keyaccounts@gompels.co.uk

 snippet of a customer with a core list

See What Our Customers Say

Explore our case studies to discover how we've successfully partnered with organisations like ADL Care and Busy Bees, providing tailored solutions that streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and simplify financial processes.

ADL Care Partnership

“Gompels helped to streamline, not only the supply, but also the products themselves by implementing a flexible core list for the homes to order from. We were really impressed by Gompels consolidated invoicing, our finance team can simply log in and download the invoices and can also see at a glance what is due. Gompels also offer direct debit which means the team does not have to spend time setting up payments.”

an adl care nursing home

Busy Bees Partnership

"Busy Bees work from a bespoke core list which has carefully been put together by teams on both sides of the relationship to allow a streamlined selection of products at the best price possible. Gompels and Busy Bees work closely with providing COSHH data and Safety Data Sheets - rigorous checks are carried out by Busy Bees’ Safety team before a product is added to the core list."

a busy bees nursery

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