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Here we’re going to talk you through some of the range of the features the Gompels Analytics page offers.

This page is a powerful tool which can really help you dig down to understand your spending and finance better. The analytics page is automatically filled with all your spending from your Gompels account.

On this page you can filter your data based on region or individual sites. This allows you to see a breakdown of each individual sites spending and combine sites as you wish. You can also customise the report to display values as net spend or as quantity of items purchased.

For a more precise breakdown of spend you can also display products grouped by category, or by individual items. For example, if you wanted to see the specific spending of a type of gloves at an individual home you could choose to just show that sites data and then scroll down to the individual gloves on the dataset. You can then display this as individual packs of gloves or as a financial value.

If you go to the customise report tap you can also choose to show all the data for each site on one sheet or you can get individual data sheets for each home in the region. If you require you can also export this data to excel for your own finance team to use, share and print. Or to import into any other analytical software.

As with all out tools the Key Accounts team is available for you to contact if you need any assistance or advice.

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