Unravelling Ancient Egypt - Teaching Ideas For Children

Unravelling Ancient Egypt - Teaching Ideas For Children

Exploring ancient civilisations can be a fascinating journey, and one of the most captivating periods is Ancient Egypt. This ancient civilisation, with its magnificent pyramids, enigmatic hieroglyphics, and rich history, offers an abundance of educational opportunities for young learners. In this blog post, we will delve into some exciting and interactive teaching ideas that can introduce children to the wonders of ancient Egypt.


1 - Storytelling and Role-Playing

Children love stories, and ancient Egypt is a treasure trove of captivating tales. Use storytelling as a way to introduce young learners to significant historical figures like Cleopatra, Tutankhamun, and Ramses II. Bring these characters to life through interactive role-playing activities where pupils can dress up as pharaohs, queens, or commoners, allowing them to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of ancient Egypt.


2 - Building Pyramids

Crafting miniature pyramids is a fantastic hands-on activity that will intrigue children while teaching them about the architectural marvels of ancient Egypt. Provide various materials like clay, cardboard, or building blocks, and let the children create their own pyramids. This activity can also serve as an opportunity to discuss the purpose and significance of these monumental structures in ancient Egyptian society.
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3 - Hieroglyphics Decoding

Introduce children to the world of ancient Egyptian writing through hieroglyphics decoding exercises. Create a simplified version of the hieroglyphic alphabet and provide pupils with messages to decode. This activity not only enhances their problem-solving skills but also opens their eyes to the ancient Egyptian writing system, fostering an appreciation for the importance of communication in history.
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4 - Pharaoh's Crown Craft

Engage children in a craft activity where they can design and create their own pharaoh's crown using simple art supplies like coloured paper, beads, and glue. Encourage them to add symbols or hieroglyphics that represent aspects of their own lives, teaching them about the significance of symbolism in ancient Egypt.
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5 - Mummification Simulation

While keeping it lighthearted and age-appropriate, a mummification simulation can be an exciting and memorable activity for young learners. Use a doll or a stuffed animal as the "pharaoh", and guide the pupils through the steps of mummification, such as washing, wrapping, and placing it in a "sarcophagus" (a decorated shoebox). This playful approach can help kids understand the ancient Egyptian beliefs surrounding death and the afterlife.


6 - Nile River Adventure

The Nile River played a vital role in ancient Egyptian life. Organise a virtual or classroom "Nile River Adventure" where pupils can follow its course, learn about its significance for agriculture and transportation, and discover the flora and fauna along its banks. Incorporate fun games and activities to keep the learning journey engaging and interactive.
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7 - Design A Cartouche

A cartouche is an oval-shaped frame used by the ancient Egyptians to highlight the names of pharaohs and other important individuals. Teach children about this unique aspect of ancient Egyptian culture and have them design their own cartouche, featuring their names written in hieroglyphics.


Introducing children to ancient Egypt can be an enchanting experience that sparks their curiosity and appreciation for history. By employing these creative teaching ideas, educators can transport young learners to the world of pyramids, pharaohs, and hieroglyphics, making history come alive in a way that leaves a lasting impression on their young minds. Through interactive and enjoyable activities, we can instil a sense of wonder and respect for the civilisations that came before us and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning about the past.

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