Why Log Reduction Matters For Surface Disinfection

Why Log Reduction Matters For Surface Disinfection

In the realm of disinfection, terms like "log reduction" often surface, signifying the efficacy of a product in eliminating microorganisms. The numbers associated with log reduction, such as 99.9% or 99.999%, might seem trivial, but they hold profound implications for the effectiveness of a disinfectant. Log reduction measures the decrease in the number of microorganisms, expressed in powers of 10. For instance, a 99.9% reduction equates to a 3-log reduction, while a 99.999% reduction represents a 5-log reduction. Each additional log reduction signifies a tenfold increase in effectiveness. Sounds complex? Let's break it down.

The Power Of 5-Log

A 5-log reduction, or 99.999%, is often considered the gold standard in disinfection. Why? Imagine a surface teeming with harmful microbes. Applying a 5-log reduction product like our Antibacterial Spray means reducing the microbial count by a factor of 100,000. In practical terms, if there were 100,000 harmful microorganisms on a surface, a 5-log reduction would leave just one behind. Studies reveal that everyday objects, from doorknobs to smartphones, can harbour thousands to millions of bacteria and viruses per square inch. For instance, an average kitchen sponge can host over 54 billion bacteria per cubic centimetre. Such microbial density underscores the need for robust disinfection practices.

Challenges With Lower Log Reductions

Products with lower log reductions may leave a substantial number of microorganisms behind. For instance, a 3-log reduction (99.9%) means 1 in 1,000 microorganisms survives. This is why household cleaning chemicals such as Dettol Spray are not suitable for high-risk areas such as Hospitals or Care Homes, where residual microorganisms could pose a risk for those who are Immunocompromised. When choosing disinfectants, opting for a 5-log reduction product ensures a more comprehensive and reliable defence against harmful microorganisms. It's about going beyond basic cleanliness to achieve an exceptional standard of disinfection, where the potential for infection or contamination is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Why Buy From Gompels

BS EN1276 stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence in disinfection. It establishes a robust framework for assessing the bactericidal performance of disinfectants, ensuring that products adhering to this standard contribute significantly to maintaining a hygienic and safe environment. All Disinfectants at Gompels are BS EN tested to ensure they are suitable for professional use, offering superior safety and peace of mind in environments where hygiene is non-negotiable.

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