Commercial Cleaning Tips to Get Your Nursing Home Sparkling

Commercial Cleaning Tips to Get Your Nursing Home Sparkling

Commercial Cleaning Tips to Get Your Nursing Home Sparkling

Spring Cleaning your Care Home – Care Home Cleaning Schedule

We all know that keeping your care home clean is vital just like in any other business establishment but more so when your patients are particularly vulnerable. Read on to glean some commercial cleaning tips and cleaning hacks for care homes!

It's easy to prioritise the physical care of your care home patients over cleaning especially when the inevitable happens and someone phones in sick. However, keeping your care home clean can be just as important to your patients' well-being. It's all about accountability and planning, take the time to work out how long it takes to clean your care home and then set a rota that should in an ideal world be followed. Give a member of staff full accountability for maintaining your care home cleaning schedule so that any deviation from your high standards are quickly addressed by understanding who cleaned and how to put in that extra bit of time teaching your staff how to clean. It will pay dividends in the end and everyone will know where they stand. Start yourself off by making sure you give it a good Spring cleaning!

You need to by law! Under Regulation 15 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008, The law states that ‘all premises and equipment must be clean, secure, suitable for the purpose for which they are being used, properly used and properly maintained'.

And make sure your care home cleaning schedule is kept up to date if anything changes like a staff change or layout change!

Commercial Cleaning & Keeping a Nursing Home Cleaning Checklist;

Draw up a nursing home cleaning checklist to ensure nothing is missed, this is particularly important given cleaning professional can have a high turnover of staff and a lot of part timers. Make sure your cleaners check this list until they get the hang of it. It's great to adopt this seemingly obvious cleaning hack for your care home but remember this is a guide, there's always so many things to clean that objectivity should be applied, for example sometimes windows wont need cleaning and sometimes there will be items that crop up that are in clear need of a clean that aren't on this list.

All rooms - Skirting boards, Walls, Doors, door frames, radiators, windows, windowsills, tables / chairs swap any linen / incontinence pads, handrails, light switches, all fittings, carpets, switches and lampshades, any trolleys and cupboards

Kitchens - Toasters, kettles, fridges, freezers, surfaces, oven, microwave and floors

empty dishwasher, tidy away any apparatus not needed, extractor fans

Bathrooms – Toilet, shower, sink, bath, taps, bath apparatus including bath hoists, shower chairs, hoists and commodes, and make wipes, toilet paper, hand towels, and soap available in every bathroom,

Bedrooms – make sure beds are clean, polish shelves / wooden surfaces, clean any other surfaces, empty bed pans, empty bins, dust tops of wardrobes, wipe down bed frames,

Please ensure that when cleaning your residential care home you wear appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment including gloves, aprons, overalls, facemasks, overshoes, over-sleeves as required. We sell a wide range at Gomples so why not add them to your nursing home cleaning checklist when you're next ordering your cleaning supplies for your care home.

Colour Coding in Care Homes

Elderly people are more prone to picking up germs / bacteria and getting life threatening illnesses. Colour coding systems are required by law and should form a vital part of any cleaning routine:

Red Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment for shower rooms, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, floors, sanitary products

Yellow Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment – Infection barrier when nursing

Green Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment - Kitchen

Blue Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment – Lounge, bedroom, dining room, and all public areas like office / staff room

Choose the Right Cleaning Products for Care Homes

Commercial cleaning tip!! Buying your cleaning products for care homes in bulk from Gompels is a brilliant way to save money on cleaning supplies for your care home! We sell all of our products such as cleaning supplies in bulk. Here's just a few of our the cleaning products for care homes that are a must:

Gloves – Gompels stocks a huge range of gloves

Cleaning Supplies – for all of your janitorial and cleaning supplies

Wipes – wipes are an essential part of cleaning your residential care home

Colour coded clothes and colour coded mop buckets – full range of colour coded items available, just use our site search to find your specific item

Washing and bathing supplies our washing and bathing products is packed with a wide range of washing and bathing supplies for your residential care

And don't miss out on our regularly updated bulk buys and specials section! Always guaranteed to deliver a good deal!

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