Fun Parachute Games For Teaching Young Children

Fun Parachute Games For Teaching Young Children

Parachute games possess a captivating quality that can enchant young minds, spark their imaginations, and encourage delightful teamwork. Among these games, "Number Hunt" stands out as an excellent choice for nursery children. Combining playful movement, cooperation, and the thrill of discovery, this game can inspire curiosity and problem-solving skills in our youngest learners.

Number Hunt

Setting the Scene

Preparing for a round of Number Hunt is a breeze. Gather a parachute, a handful of objects labelled with large numbers, or numbered bean bags if that's easier, and a circle of eager nursery children. Make sure each child has a cosy spot sat around the parachute's edge. Scatter the numbered treasures across the parachute's canvas, and you're ready to embark on an engaging numerical journey.

How To Play

As numbers are joyfully called out, the children's task is to raise and lower the parachute to reveal and retrieve the matching items without moving. This delightful challenge fosters communication, teamwork, and quick thinking, as children coordinate their efforts to bring the numbers to life. This interactive engagement nurtures their curiosity and sets the stage for joyful learning.

Number Hunt is great for the following areas of learning:

  • Problem solving
  • Communcation & teamwork
  • Gross motor skills
  • Cognitive skills


Another parachute game is "Popcorn Party", a lively and energetic game that brings the excitement of popping popcorn to the world of play. This game combines movement, coordination, and anticipation, making it an engaging and fun-filled activity for young children.

Popcorn Party

Setting The Scene

Assemble a parachute and gather a group of enthusiastic young participants. Ensure that each child has a secure grip on the parachute's edges, forming a circle. You'll also need a collection of soft, lightweight balls (representing popcorn) that can easily be placed on the parachute.

How To Play

  1. Popcorn Introduction: Begin by gathering the children around the parachute and introducing the concept of popping popcorn. Show them the soft balls and explain that they're going to create a playful popcorn party.
  2. Popcorn Toss: Distribute the soft balls (popcorn) across the parachute's surface. As the children hold the parachute, guide them to lift and lower it rhythmically, causing the "popcorn" to bounce and jump.
  3. Anticipation: Encourage the children to watch as the popcorn (balls) bounce around. Emphasise the idea of anticipation, as they wait for the popcorn to "pop" up and bounce unpredictably.
  4. Popcorn Catch: Invite the children to use their hands to catch the popcorn as it bounces on the parachute. Encourage them to work together to keep the popcorn in the air as long as possible.
  5. Popcorn Swap: After a round of catching, instruct the children to place their popcorn back on the parachute. Then, have them move one space to their left or right, creating a new arrangement.
  6. Popcorn Party Dance: To add a lively twist, play some upbeat music and have the children dance around the parachute while continuing to lift and lower it. The popcorn will bounce and "pop" to the rhythm of the music.

Popcorn Party is great for the following areas of learning:

  • Gross motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Communication & teamwork
  • Cause and effect

So, with a parachute in hand and a world of fun ahead, let's keep the giggles flowing and the friendships growing!

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