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We've found that each customer we have who uses our Product Catalogue API requires a slightly different format depending on the system they're plugging this data into.  To facilitate this the product catalogue output can be customised to match the requirements of your system based on the field options listed below.  You can chose for our API to return a CSV, XML or JSON output along with the option to customise the header/field name to an item of your choice.

We can configure the product catalogue API to allow download via either HTTP headers or basic authentication.  You can speak to your Key Accounts Manager to arrange this to be set up.

The fields available are:

Field Name Description type
Product Code The Gompels product code for the product string
Product Name The name of the product string
Price The price of the product to you (including discounts).  Can be rounded to 4dp or 2dp float
Primary Category The primary category of the product (e.g. gloves) string
Secondary Category The secondary category of the product string
Description The full product description, not available in CSV format due to length text
Image URL pointing to the image on the Gompels website string
Case Size Cases are used to determine when a product may be sent in a larger outer packaging integer
Minimum Purchase Minimum quantity of this product that can be bought integer
Maximum Purchase Maximum quantity of this product that can be bought integer
COSHH Datasheet URL of the COSHH datasheet for this product string
Tags Related tags for search purposes string
Product URL URL pointing to the product page on the Gompels website string
Unit of Sale Unit of sale (e.g. packets) string


Question: Why are stock levels not included

Answer: At the present moment we're unable to provide stock levels within our product catalogue because they change so quickly the download would almost instantly be out of date!  We're looking into some way of 

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