Sustainability Plan

In the fast-changing world of today we want to stay ahead, so we've broken our ambitious goals down into 5 key areas.

our 5 key areas of focus

A comprehensive view of the product's lifecycle, from its reception, utilisation, and ultimate disposal by the end user. This encompasses the product's longevity, efficiency, and end-of-life environmental impact.

An analysis of the packaging materials used for the product at each stage of the supply chain, focusing on recyclability, reduction of materials, and the use of environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

A detailed look at the logistics involved in transporting raw materials and delivering final products. This includes efforts to minimise carbon emissions, the use of eco-friendly transportation methods, and efficiency in logistics.

Social Values
An in-depth consideration of the company's impact on mental well-being, personal development, and community involvement, along with a commitment to ethical practices and promoting a positive workplace culture.

A broad view of the company's overall environmental impact, including waste management, emissions, water usage, and the sustainability practices of suppliers, with a focus on continuous improvement and reducing environmental footprint.


We're ambitious and ready for change



We've achieved a significant environmental milestone by becoming carbon neutral. Our investment in solar technology has exceeded expectations, generating up to ten times the electricity we need. This surplus isn't just an achievement for us; it's a contribution to the wider grid, providing clean, renewable energy to the community. This initiative significantly reduces our carbon footprint and demonstrates our commitment to sustainable practices.

our headquarters in melksham


We engaged an environmental researcher to analyse all our products, providing a CO₂e emission rating for each based on their material and composition. This detailed analysis helps us understand the environmental impact of our products better, allowing us to make more informed decisions about materials and manufacturing processes to minimise our carbon footprint.

proform latex gloves in a picking location in our warehouse


As the first supplier to offer Carbon Neutral products through emission-based offsetting, we've taken a pioneering step in environmental responsibility. In 2021, our customers contributed significantly to this effort by offsetting 125 tonnes of CO₂e. This achievement reflects our commitment to reducing environmental impact and leading the way in sustainable practices in our industry.

children planting a flower into soil


By 2024, our goal is to send zero waste to landfill, reflecting our commitment to environmental sustainability. Alongside this, we are dedicated to enhancing our policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring that our company culture and practices are as progressive and inclusive as possible.

big piles of recycled plastic in bales


By 2026, we are committed to implementing sustainability scorecards for our suppliers, ensuring that our environmental values are upheld throughout our supply chain. Additionally, we aim to have eco-friendly alternatives for all of our main product lines, further solidifying our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

sam gompels and visitor stood in front of gompels billboard


By 2028, our goal is to achieve a 10% annual reduction in CO₂e emissions across our supply chain. Concurrently, we will actively encourage all our customers to make the transition to eco-friendly alternatives, underlining our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

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Carbon Reduction Plan

We have meticulously mapped our carbon footprint across various facets of our business. This detailed analysis provides us with a clear understanding of our impact and identifies key areas where we can intensify our efforts in our journey towards achieving net zero emissions. By exploring our Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions, we gain insights into direct and indirect emissions, as well as those from our full value chain. To learn more about these categorisations and the specific actions we are implementing to reduce our carbon footprint, please click the button below.

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