Good Quality Products We constantly research and improve our products to ensure we can always supply you with great quality products. We listen to your feedback and work closely with our suppliers to consistently maintain excellent standards across all of our ranges. Our products are used with confidence in Care Homes and Children's Nurseries throughout the UK, so you can be sure we will not let you down.
Amazingly Low Prices Our aim is to use high volumes to keep our prices low rather than charging high prices and only sell a little. It's the old method of pile it high and sell it cheap. That gives you good value for money and we get to cover our low overheads by selling lots of volume.

Gompels HealthCare Ltd has consistently been (and will be) one of the lowest price suppliers in the market. If you would like us to prove it to you we will happily do a price comparison and show you on a like for like basis how much you will save by joining our 1000's of customers who shop with us every week.
Free Returns If you do not like what you have ordered, just let us know and we will collect it for free. Plain and simple.
Free Packing & Handling Over £50 We offer free packing & handling for orders over £50 (ex VAT) for delivery to the UK mainland.
Late 5pm cut-off for NEXT Day Delivery We have an industry leading cut-off time of 5pm for next day delivery!

What can we do for you?

Some of the services and tools available to you

A website designed around you

Quick Order Tool

Quick Order Tool Saves you time by making it easy to order and reorder

Own Brand Products

Own Brand Products Saves you money on essentials you need

Analytics Software

Analytics Software Keeps you in control with customisable reports

COSHH Library

COSHH Library Datasheets for products you've ordered available with one-click

Core Lists & Approvals

Preferred Lists & Approvals Provides extra control for what sites order

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments Simplifies creating risk assessments for your company

Online Training

Online Training Online training covering COSHH and Digital Security

Budget Software

Budget Software Set alerts to warn you when sites are near their budget limit

Price Comparison

Price Comparison Find out how much we can save for you

COSHH Datasheets

Quick and easy access to COSHH Datasheets

Inspection Due?

Inspection Due? No more hunting and chasing for COSHH datasheets, we collect together datasheets for all the products you've purchased from us

Quick Download

Quick Download Need all of the datasheets in one hit? We allow you to download your datasheets in one-click

Up To Date

Up To Date The datasheet you download will always be our latest version

PDF File

PDF File Datasheets are downloaded as PDF files so you can print or file them easily

Monitor your spending anywhere

Our Analytics is designed to help you keep an eye on things

Information is key to running a successful business, but it's only valuable if it's current, correct and easy to access. Gompels Analytics gives you a quick view Dashboard and more detailed Analytics view, providing you with the tools to keep an eye on spending.

Spot Trends

Spot Trends? Spotting trends is easy with Analytics - is your glove usage getting out of control or are you not using enough hand towels?

Compare Sites

Compare Sites If you have multiple sites, you can easily compare them - you may have one site with a best practice that you can implement elsewhere

Online Simplicity

Online Simplicity Why wait for an e-mailed spreadsheet when you can get that information in real-time with Gompels?

Online Training

We offer a growing range of online training courses

Empowering you and your employees with information is not only critical to stay at the top of the competition, but in some cases training is a legal requirement. We know that finding high-quality courses can be difficult so we're building up a range of free online courses to help you

Simple Training

Simple Training Our training courses all start with a training video, designed to be clear and concise but without being dull or boring

Test Yourself

Test Yourself Have you been paying attention? A multiple-choice quiz makes sure that you've understood the content of the video

Personalised Certificate

Personalised Certificate Once all of the questions have been answered correctly, our system generates a personalised certificate for the student which you can print off for a training record - or the wall!

Time to Relearn

Time to Relearn! If you're logged in, we record when the course needs to be retaken. This is especially useful for managers too as you'll be able to see what courses your members of staff have completed

Completely Free

Completely Free Nobody can turn down free training - or a free certificate! You've genuinely got nothing to lose with completing one of our courses

Extra Tools for Multiple Sites

If you have multiple sites then we've got even more tools for you

We have worked closely with a number of large companies who have multiple sites across the country. We've developed our tools to ensure that companies with multiple sites can easily monitor and control spending. If you have multiple sites, please speak to us and we'll set everything up for you.

Preferred Product List

Preferred Product Lists We can create your company a "preferred product" list, this will place your company logo next to those products

Approval System

Approval System If you need that extra control, we offer an approval system where a central person can approve orders - for example you may wish to approve orders that contain non-preferred products

Ultimate Control

Ultimate Control If you really need to control what your sites order then we can change your preferred list into a contract list, where those products are the only ones available

Budgets & Places

Budgets & Places You can set a budget level for each site registered, plus you can enter the number of places (such as residents, pupils etc) to give you more information on the per-place spend

Avoid Overspending

Alerts Worried about sites over-spending? You can set up alerts to send e-mail when a site gets within or exceeds the set budget limit

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