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Trusted by millions across the world, TENA has been the global leader in helping people stay secure and dry for over 60 years. As a specialist in developing continence care products such as shaped TENA pads, TENA pull up pants and TENA all-in-one nappies, TENA enables people to enjoy fulfilling the life they deserve.

Each TENA incontinence product is rigorously researched and proven to benefit users. TENA develop superior products through understanding; working closely with continence specialists and nurses, ensuring the individual is at the heart of everything they produce.

Tena Slip Super Medium 28

Tena Slip Super Medium 28

Product Code: 17477
MPN: 711228
inc. VAT £17.93
Tena Comfort Extra 40

Tena Comfort Extra 40

Product Code: 39854
MPN: 759002
inc. VAT £15.61
Tena Comfort Plus 46

Tena Comfort Plus 46

Product Code: 75547
MPN: 759005
inc. VAT £15.96
Tena Men Level 2 20

Tena Men Level 2 20

Product Code: 79836
MPN: 750776
inc. VAT £8.71
Tena Comfort Super 36
5 out of 5 stars

Tena Comfort Super 36

Product Code: 31617
MPN: 759003
inc. VAT £17.72
Tena Comfort Mini Super 30

Tena Comfort Mini Super 30

Product Code: 52612
MPN: 761717
inc. VAT £7.75
Tena Comfort Normal 42

Tena Comfort Normal 42

Product Code: 15002
MPN: 759000
inc. VAT £10.73
Tena Slip Plus Large 30

Tena Slip Plus Large 30

Product Code: 15085
MPN: 710700
inc. VAT £20.35
Out Of Stock
Tena Slip Plus Medium 30

Tena Slip Plus Medium 30

Product Code: 10560
MPN: 710600
inc. VAT £17.54
Tena Slip Plus Extra Large 30

Tena Slip Plus Extra Large 30

Product Code: 43678
MPN: 711021
inc. VAT £24.44
Tena Comfort Maxi 28

Tena Comfort Maxi 28

Product Code: 72508
MPN: 759004
inc. VAT £16.78
Tena Slip Super Small 30

Tena Slip Super Small 30

Product Code: 41750
MPN: 711130
inc. VAT £15.58
Tena Slip Super Extra Large 28

Tena Slip Super Extra Large 28

Product Code: 16831
MPN: 711023
inc. VAT £25.25
Tena Slip Super Large 30

Tena Slip Super Large 30

Product Code: 43872
MPN: 711400
inc. VAT £22.56
Tena Slip Plus Small 30

Tena Slip Plus Small 30

Product Code: 57040
MPN: 710530
inc. VAT £14.50
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