Logging In and Logging Out

On this page you can find information about logging in and logging out of your Gompels HealthCare Ltd online account as well as security considerations to bear in mind.

When We Ask You to Log In

We ask you to log into your Gompels.co.uk account any time we need to verify your identity.  This includes times when you access account or order information to review to change something.

Keep Me Logged In Checkbox

When you log into Gompels.co.uk, you may seen an option to "Keep me logged in".  If you choose this option, Gompels HealthCare Ltd will keep you logged in for common activities and personalisations such as special pricing, VAT relief etc.  This option will only apply to the computer and browser that you're using when you select the box.

You should only choose to stay logged in if you're using a computer that you don't share with other people or people outside your organisation.  If you share the computer with others, they may be able to access your Gompels.co.uk account and perform actions on your behalf without knowing your password.  Never choose this feature if you're on a public terminal, such as at a library or internet cafe.

Even if you choose to remain logged in, you'll still be prompted for your password at least every two weeks.  We may still ask you to enter your password for certain activities such as modifying your account and placing orders.  Please remember that if you stay logged in, other people using the computer will have access to features and personalisations specific to your account.

Stop Staying Logged In

If you don't want to stay logged in on a particular browser, simply Log Out of Gompels.co.uk using that browser.  If you no longer have physical access to that browser, you can cancel all saved log-ins by resetting your password.  This will cancel all existing log-ins, even if some of them have the "Keep me logged in" feature enabled.

Logging Out

If you're using a device that's shared with people you might not know or trust, like a public terminal, you should always log out before you leave it.  You can do this by clicking the Log Out button at the top of any Gompels.co.uk page.

What happens when I log out?

After you log out, your name will be removed from the home page and all personalisations removed from your browser.  To regain access to any items saved in your Shopping Basket, to place orders or view any personalisations, you'll need to log in again.

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