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At Gompels HealthCare, we aim to supply quality products at the lowest possible prices to care and nursing homes, GP's surgeries, children's nurseries, office cleaners and anyone else needing nursery, janitorial or medical supplies. Our particular specialities are gloves, aprons, wipes and incontinence products (such as adult nappies).

In addition, we carry a huge range of primary care medical supplies and equipment. Everything from first aid kits and syringes to catheters and urinals.

We also have all the hygiene products you need for room or office cleaning, such as bulk supplies of cleaning chemicals and, in this age of increased infection risk from the likes of MRSA, we can supply you with sanitizers like Hibiscrub or antibacterial wipes too.

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Job Opportunity: Finance Manager

Job Opportunity: Finance Manager

You will be well qualified and looking for something a little different. This is your chance to make a difference in a company that strives to be one of the best and works hard to streamline processes so that we can all get on with the work. Reporting to the directors and working with a team of 4 who oversee the day ledgers, you will be the one who pulls it all together and keeps the system straight. The main trading company takes most of the effort, but there are 4 smaller companies that all perform a vital function from HR to property....

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Mark Ashford (Kent)


very good

Sheree Horsley (Staffordshire)


Prompt and efficient service. Thanks

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No problems. Lightening delivery

Benjamnin Whitaker (Hampshire)


Easy to find products, quick delivery, competitive pricing.

Julie Hastings (Hertfordshire)


All services are usually of a high standard

Barbara Hopper (Durham)


Excellent customer service following a small problem with on line order. Al...

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