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At Gompels HealthCare, we aim to supply quality products at the lowest possible prices to care and nursing homes, GP's surgeries, children's nurseries, office cleaners and anyone else needing nursery, janitorial or medical supplies. Our particular specialities are gloves, aprons, wipes and incontinence products (such as adult nappies).

In addition, we carry a huge range of primary care medical supplies and equipment. Everything from first aid kits and syringes to catheters and urinals.

We also have all the hygiene products you need for room or office cleaning, such as bulk supplies of cleaning chemicals and, in this age of increased infection risk from the likes of MRSA, we can supply you with sanitizers like Hibiscrub or antibacterial wipes too.

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Take a Tea-Break on us

Take a Tea-Break on us

Did you know Gompels stock all the essentials for a great british Tea-Break? We've just added Semi-skimmed Milk to our vast range of products, making Gompels the one stop shop for your essentials. ...

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Mel Bailey (Gloucestershire)


Couldn't believe how quickly the order arrived. Well done to the Team!

Barbara Farquhar (Wiltshire)


Excellent service.

Jean Pittfield (Hampshire)


My goods were ordered on the weekend and delivery received on Wednesday. An...

Annette Webb (Gloucestershire)


First class and prompt delivery

Penny Lyon (Cheshire)


Superb service and great communication. Reasonable prices, far better than...

Heather Buck (Wiltshire)


I have been purchasing products for my mum for three years due to her havin...