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Incontinence Products

Gompels extensive range of Incontinence products are there to benefit the daily workload of our healthcare customers. We support the 40% of individuals with urinary incontinence and 30% with faecal incontinence in nursing homes and care homes across the UK. We have everything from our own branded incontinence supplies to popular brands such as Tena and Lille. You can find out more information on our incontinence products range below:

Light shaped pads

  • The next step up from sanitary towels
  • Ideal for leaks and dribbles
  • Special versions for men
  • Can be surprisingly absorbent and discreet
  • Most come with adhesive strips for added security
  • Fully disposable
  • Odour control

Shaped pads

  • The most economical option from our incontinence products
  • Best used with close fitting, fuller brief underwear, or net pants to maintain the right position and pressure
  • Several levels of absorbency to cover the full range of urinary incontinence
  • Fully disposable
  • Odour control
  • Available for both men and women

Net pants

  • Soft, discreet and comfortable to wear
  • A must for shaped pads to work properly
  • Machine washable
  • No side seams so no pressure points
  • Wide range of sizes

Adult Nappies

  • Best option for faecal incontinence
  • Options for textile (often called ‘cotton feel’), breathable backings
  • Double cuffs for extra protection
  • These incontinence products have adjustable sides with resealable tape
  • Secure confidence boosting fit
  • Fully disposable
  • Odour control

Pull ups

  • Loved by those who want a discreet option that is easy to self use - simply pull them up!
  • Choose from textile (often called ‘cotton feel’) or plastic backing - textile is best for promoting healthy skin, whilst plastic backed are better at preventing leaks
  • Non rustle fabric for extra discreet feel
  • Can be easily removed by tearing the side seams
  • Fully disposable incontinence products
  • Odour control

Tena Slip Plus Medium 30

Product Code: 10560
MPN: 710630
inc. VAT £16.26
Lille All in Ones Suprem Large Maxi 20

Lille All in Ones Suprem Large Maxi 20

Product Code: 30491
MPN: LSFT7341BR-06
inc. VAT £12.82
iD Fix Net Pants With Legs Xlarge 5

iD Fix Net Pants With Legs Xlarge 5

Product Code: 67975
MPN: 5420400050
inc. VAT £2.95
Lille All in Ones Suprem Medium Maxi 20

Lille All in Ones Suprem Medium Maxi 20

Product Code: 69654
MPN: LSFT7241BR-06
inc. VAT £12.12
Mattress Protector Hd 6'3x4'6x7

Mattress Protector Hd 6'3x4'6x7

Product Code: 32824
inc. VAT £22.44
Draw Sheets L/Wght 60x36 Inch

Draw Sheets L/Wght 60x36 Inch

Product Code: 77543
inc. VAT £4.68
Out Of Stock
Lille All in Ones Suprem Medium Regular Plus 26

Lille All in Ones Suprem Medium Regular Plus 26

Product Code: 45404
MPN: LSFT7211BR-06
inc. VAT £12.89
iD Slip Adult Nappies Small Super 14

iD Slip Adult Nappies Small Super 14

Product Code: 81125
MPN: 5630175140
inc. VAT £6.95
Lille Pull Up Pants Suprem Medium Maxi 14

Lille Pull Up Pants Suprem Medium Maxi 14

Product Code: 89488
MPN: LSPU0221-05
inc. VAT £11.52
iD Fix Net Pants With Legs Xxlarge 5
5 out of 5 stars

iD Fix Net Pants With Legs Xxlarge 5

Product Code: 88232
MPN: 5420500050
inc. VAT £3.05
Tena Comfort Maxi 28

Tena Comfort Maxi 28

Product Code: 72508
MPN: 759128
inc. VAT £15.54
Tena Comfort Mini Super 30

Tena Comfort Mini Super 30

Product Code: 52612
MPN: 761717
inc. VAT £7.19
iD Light Consumer Extra 10
5 out of 5 stars

iD Light Consumer Extra 10

Product Code: 58087
MPN: 5171040101
inc. VAT £1.94
Duvet(quilt) Covers Single Bed

Duvet(quilt) Covers Single Bed

Product Code: 89242
inc. VAT £16.97

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