Gompels & The Environment

In this space, we share our commitment to a sustainable future, detailing our eco-friendly initiatives and the steps we're taking to reduce our carbon footprint. From innovative CO₂ monitoring systems to our shift towards biodegradable materials, we're dedicated to making a positive environmental impact. Join us as we explore our journey towards becoming a greener, more responsible business, and how each step brings us closer to our goal of preserving the planet for future generations.


Our CO₂ monitoring systems and advanced ventilation controls are pivotal in eliminating wasteful energy consumption. They continuously monitor and adjust the environment in our headquarters, ensuring optimal energy use.

Co2 monitoring systems in our headquarters


We've switched to biodegradable bubbles as a sustainable alternative to plastic. These bubbles are designed to biodegrade within 12-24 months, transforming into harmless biomass and water, significantly reducing our environmental impact.

bio packaging cushions used in our warehouse boxes


To enhance our recycling efforts, we've added two new cardboard balers, complementing the seven already in operation. This expansion significantly boosts our capacity to recycle materials efficiently in our warehouse.

cardboard balers in our warehouse


We adhere strictly to a no animal testing policy for our products and ingredients, conducting regular audits to ensure ongoing compliance with this ethical stance.

a bunny rabbit close up


We've innovated in our industry by re-using the chassis of our forklifts. This approach reduces energy consumption by 80%, significantly lowering our environmental footprint.

a forklift putting away our stock from a delivery


Our commitment to sustainability extends to our charity work. For every recycled box used in our warehouse, we donate to charities like Facing Africa and Snow Camp.

a photo from a charity we support, facing africa

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