Identifying Poorly Ventilated Areas And Using CO2 Monitors

Identifying Poorly Ventilated Areas And Using CO2 Monitors


Poorly ventilated rooms have proven to be high risk for COVID-19 transmission, even when physical distancing is in place to avoid close contact. However the risk of airborne transmission can be greatly reduced with adequate ventilation.

A CO2 monitor, as recommended by HSE, will allow you to quickly and easily identify areas of your workplace that are poorly ventilated. Look for areas where people work and where there is no mechanical or natural ventilation such as open windows and doors.

If your mechanical ventilation (also known as air-conditioning) only recirculates air and has no outdoor supply, it is likely to be poorly ventilated. Like-wise if a small office has the windows and doors closed, it doesn't take long before CO2 levels start to rise.

How to use a CO2 monitor

Monitors should be positioned at least 50cm away from people to avoid false readings from exhaled breath. Do not position close to windows or doors. Measurements will vary during the day so do not take a snapshot reading, place an individual monitor in each room.

Reading your device

CO2 is measured in parts per million (PPM). Indoor readings less than 800ppm indicate a space is well ventilated, whilst anything over 1000ppm would suggest it's time to take action by opening windows and doors. Anything below 400ppm or above 1500ppm would suggest that the monitor needs to be moved to a different location for a better reading. A CO2 monitor placed outside would return a result of around 450ppm.


Suitability in different types of space

Small spaces where the occupancy varies over short periods of time, like a changing room, is unlikely to give reliable measurements. Larger offices, meeting rooms and canteens where people remain for longer periods of time are well suited. Large spaces over 320m2 will require multiple monitors for meaningful results.

Get your CO2 monitor today

With our CO2 monitor you can be rest assured that your air is safe from COVID-19. The LCD display is easy to understand and looks fantastic with it's mirror-finish. It's small and compact design means you can place it almost anywhere in your workplace. Get ahead of the game and get your CO2 monitors before they become a mandatory requirement for businesses.​

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