How to get urine smell out of carpets (or how to get pee smell out of carpets)

How to get urine smell out of carpets (or how to get pee smell out of carpets)

How to get urine smell out of carpets

As soon as urine gets onto your carpet it is important try to remove it as quickly as possible. Even if you think you have remove all of the urine up some may have got through to the carpet underlay beneath.

The key with how to get urine smell out of carpet is having access to the right products. This applies whether you're cleaning up after children in a pre-school setting, incontinent adults at home or in a care home environment.

Supermarket products may fall short of what is required to get rid of urine smell once and for all, especially when it's a daily occurrence. The reason traditional products such as soap may not work effectively as is because they fail to break down all of the particles in urine, which is required to leave your carpet smelling clean again. We would always recommend a professional (or commercial) cleaning product.

When deliberating over how to get urine smell out of carpet (or as we hear more often how to get pee smell out of carpet) it's useful to understand what's in urine. Urine is made up of more than 95% water but it's the other constituents that make it smell including potassium, urea (which is where urine gets its name from and is made up of toxic ammonia and carbon dioxide), creatinine, sodium, chloride, dissolved ions, and other compounds.

How to Get Urine Smell Out of Carpets with Soclean Urine Neutraliser

Soclean Urine Neutraliser is available as a trigger spray bottle in addition to a more commercial sized 5 litre bottle. It has been carefully developed for care homes and pre-schools to neutralise unpleasant urine odours. Simply apply directly to the carpet (both human and animal). It can also, be used to get rid of urine smells out of upholstery such as sofas, armchairs and curtains and helps to remove marks left from accidents.

The unique formula works quickly to gently eat away at the crystals and salts found in urine. It's also, suitable to use to get rid of vomit and to get rid of pet urine.

Next steps

If you want to take carpet cleaning to the next level then our Soclean Neutralisers have been developed as part of a three stage cleaning process. Answering the question of how to get urine smell out of carpets in addition to how to remove urine stains out of carpets.

Step 1 - Neutralise with Soclean Neutraliser
Step 2 - Shampoo with Soclean Heavy Duty Carpet Shampoo
Step 3 - Freshen with Soclean Cotton Deodoriser

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