5 Ways To Stay Safe In The Sun

5 Ways To Stay Safe In The Sun


Boy and girl wearing their beach gear and sun protection

We've put together 5 easy ways that you can stay safe in the sun. You may think this is just about keeping children safe, but even adults need a reminder about how dangerous the sun can be.

Annually, over 33,000 sunburns are reported that require emergency room visits and may occur among people of all racial/ethnic groups.

Credit: https://progressreport.cancer.gov/prevention/sunburn


Always Apply Sun Cream

Sun creams are formulated to give you the best possible protection against dangerous UVA & UVB rays, which are present even on a warm cloudy day. The best time to apply sunscreen is atleast 30 minutes before heading outside, this gives the cream time to soak into your skin.

SPF 50+ will block around 98% of harmful UVB rays, where SPF 15 will only block around 93%. This is why it's very important for children and adults with fair skin to use a sun cream with a high SPF.

Make sure you reapply sun cream after any exercise or swimming. Although most offer water resistance, you will need a top-up if you're to stay safe in the sun.


Wear Sun Protection Clothing

Your skin will thank you later on in life! Bucket hats or caps will help protect your face neck and ears. A vest might be a cooler option on a warm day, but the tops of your arms and shoulders are prone to sun overexposure so try to limit the amount of the sun they get.

Children should keep their arms and legs covered when outside in direct sunlight. Children's skin is far more susceptible to burning as their skin is extremely delicate and vulnerable to sun damage.


Girl wearing sun hat and sun glasses on a summers day


Wear Eye Protection

UV rays can very easily damage your vision, they can reflect off surfaces in the blink of a second when you least expect it. The most common sun related eye damage occurs from water reflections. Polarised sun glasses have been carefully made to keep your eyes safe by absorbing these UV rays.


Seek Shade

During the hottest parts of the day, which is usually around 11am-3pm here in the UK, adults and children should seek shade where possible. It's important to let your body cool down otherwise you may start to feel nauseous. A new trendy way to create your own shade is to carry an umbrella, it creates a big area of shade around you and will keep you out of the direct sun. This is very useful if you are somewhere without shaded areas like a beach or field.

Mother and daughter cooling down in front of fan



As you sweat, your body is losing vital fluids as it tries to keep you cool. It's very important to replace these lost fluids quickly to avoid dehydration. Did you know mild dehydration symptoms may take a little while to show, causing you to feel fatigued and tired for a few days after being out in the sun? It's much easier to keep your body hydrated than it is to rehydrate your body, severe cases can take 24 hours and may require hospital treatment.

Father and daughter hydrating after playing tennis in the sun

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