Gompels EDI - Sales Order Schema - BASDA

We are able to accept sales orders created within the common BASDA XML format.  The full schema for this can be found online, however we have replicated the key components for this below and provided examples.  It is worth noting that we do not support some items such as a delivery date.

Element Use Max     Description
<Order> M 1     Root element
  <OrderHead> M 1     Order header details
    <OrderType Code="PUO">Purchase Order</OrderType>          
      <Currency Code="GBP">Pounds Sterling</Currency>          
  <OrderReferences> R 1     Order references such as the buyers order number
    <BuyersOrderNumber Preserve="true">PO10234567</BuyersOrderNumber>          
  <OrderDate>2023-01-01T08:35:07</OrderDate> M 1   DateTime  
      <Party>Gompels HealthCare Ltd</Party>          
        <AddressLine>No.1 Swift Way</AddressLine>          
        <AddressLine>Bowerhill Industrial Estate</AddressLine>          
        <PostCode>SN12 6GX</PostCode>          
        <Country Code="GB">UK</Country>          
        <Switchboard>0345 450 2422</Switchboard>          
      <Party>Buyer Company</Party>          
        <AddressLine>Address Line 1</AddressLine>          
        <AddressLine>Address Line 2</AddressLine>          
        <PostCode>PO57 0DE</PostCode>          
        <Country Code="GB">UK</Country>          
- Buyer O 1     Buyer details
- Delivery O *     Delivery details including the delivery location
- InvoiceTo O 1     Invoicee details
- OrderLine M *     Order line details
-- LineNumber M 1     Order line number (must be unique within the file)
-- OrderLineReferences O 1     Line references
-- Product O *     Product details such as product codes, description etc
-- Quantity O 1     Quantity details
-- Price O 1     Price details
-- LineTotal O 1     Total line value
-- Amount          


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