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We are a leading supplier of disposable gloves, offering a wide range for many different applications, including vinyl gloveslatex gloves and nitrile gloves (all of which are medical grade)

Disposable gloves are a vital part of infection control and are also important for keeping hands clean and protecting them from chemical damage in tasks such as medical procedurescleaningdecorating and car maintenance.

Our range of disposable gloves are sourced from quality manufacturers and conform to the highest specifications and standards. Virtually all our gloves are available in three sizes: small, medium and large. Our gloves are also available in powdered and powder free variations.

Which glove do I need?

Household gloves are durable rubber gloves suitable for janitorial tasks, while polythene gloves are very good value for general messy household tasks. Polythene gloves are however unsuitable for applications where infection transmission could occur and therefore vinyl, latex and nitrile are recommended. Typically vinyl gloves are used for catering (blue), decorating and cleaning, where as latex and nitrile are the preferred choice by health professionals where greater strength and sensitivity are required. Sterile gloves are an excellent choice for procedures where there is a greater risk of infection and cross contamination.


Powdered or powder-free?

Powdered gloves are cheaper and easier to put on, but the powder can cause an allergic reaction and, in latex gloves, can absorb allergens from the glove and cause them to become airborne. Powder-free gloves, although more expensive, should therefore be the choice for all patient-contact situations or where the wearer has a latex or powder allergy.

Vinyl Gloves

popular glove fortasks with a low riskexposure to fluid and chemicals,good strength, contains no allergenic proteins
Latex Gloves

Good strength and tactileproperties, resistant to chemicals,excellent fit and sensitivity,beaded cuffs and ease of donning, textured fingers
Nitrile Gloves

Superior resistance to chemicals and tearing, higher degree of flexibility. Recommended for medical applications
 Polythene Gloves

Low-cost option for regular messy tasks. Lightweight, touch sensitive protection. Recommended for catering and household tasks
Sterile Gloves

Sterile wrapped for added protection where there is a greater risk of infection. Individually wrapped in pairs. Available in latex and vinyl
Over Sleeves

Provides protection of the wrist and forearm, elasticated at both ends to maximise resistance to fluid
Household Gloves

Strong and comfortable rubber gloves with a soft lining. Popular choice for food industries

Why not check out our range of glove storage solutions?

Our glove dispensers are wall mountable and are easy to use and refill. Designed to organise  and store neatly all your glove boxes.



Experiencing an allergy?

Click here to view our medical briefing on gloves and allergies.