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Product Demo - Proform Vinyl Gloves



Where to buy vinyl gloves

When it’s time to buy some new disposable gloves, look no further than the Gompels range and be part of the million’s of Gompels’ gloves that are used around the UK today. We have a broad range of different glove sizes, all at the high quality you would expect from Gompels at awesome price.


Who uses vinyl gloves

Gompels gloves are perfect for anyone wanting to prevent cross-infection, increase hygiene, protect their hands from everyday cleaning products or even for messy jobs. The gloves’ durability and elasticity make them ideal for a whole range of jobs and thanks to our low prices, changing and disposing of gloves is no longer a problem. 

Our Gloves are available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, and made from PVC so these gloves are latex free which is perfect for those with latex allergies. Furthermore, all our gloves are ambidextrous so you can use them on either hand.

It’s important to have a few sizes available to fit everyone; as a glove that is too big won’t stay on; and a glove that is too small will be more prone to rips and tears.  You can find a size guide on our website when purchasing gloves by just putting ‘vinyl’ into our search bar at

When stocking multiple sizes, a great idea is to have our wall mountable glove dispenser where you can store up to three glove sizes in a clean and tidy manner. Or just a single box with our single box dispenser. For all the sizes of gloves, the boxes will fit into both the single and 3 box container seamlessly.


How long do vinyl gloves last

In order for gloves to work effectively and to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, gloves should be changed after touching money, raw meats, each patient or after 4 hours of continuous use.


How to dispose of vinyl gloves

We also encourage our many glove users to carefully adhere to the following steps in order to further prevent any cross contamination.

Grasp the outside edge of one of the gloves near the wrist. Peel it away from hand, turning the glove inside out. Hold this glove in the opposite gloved hand, then slide an ungloved finger under the wrist of the remaining glove, careful not to touch the outside of the glove. Peel it off from inside, creating a bag for both gloves. Discard of the gloves and then wash your hands thoroughly.

Finally, all our Vinyl gloves at Gompels are classed as Medical grade examination gloves and CE marked under BSEN420 whilst also conforming to BSEN455 Parts 1,2 and 3.


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